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Heyo world, It's Agent 355 here with good news!

I've finally started on a fanfic for all you darlings. This is an OC fic in the Young Justice DC Universe. I plan for the 'main' pairing or 'romantic' relationship with my character to be RobinXOc and I don't want to say they have an 'on/off' relationship,  but with YJ's Robin having such a flirtatious nature, it's not always a picnic. Already 'canon'/established relationships ((spoiler alert for some: Like SuperBoy and Miss Martian and Kid Flash and Artemis)) will still be present, so have no fear YJ fans. I also won't really mess around much with the main plot, just sort of, insert my oc into the mix. Before I start though, I figured I have two ways my oc could go.

Powers, or No Powers.

((I'm kind of leaning towards no powers, it makes things easier)) but either way, I'm not sure whether to go No Powers and have sort of au scenes or parts where you see the with powers version, or vice versa, OR just write the fic with both story lines and either alternate between the two or just write two seperate fics with the same oc.

That being said, I'm going to write the first chapter and upload it here, and depending on the response I get, I'll go whichever way.

Alright, peace out broski's



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Hello World! I'm Agent -355!

((Andi is my nickname from my middle name))

Okay so for some reason every time I try to write this stupid f*cking bio it keeps erasing it before I can frickin save it! So I'm going to update it, a portion at a time. For now, know that:

I primarily write Fanfics ( generally Marvel and DC Universes ), the occasional Short Story, a few Poems if I deem them worthy of public viewing and potentially a full length novel or two. I also plan on doing a sort of comic book type series, ( without pictures obviously, I can't draw for sh*t and I don't think you can upload them here ), I alternate between periods of writing fan fics to working on my own Original Stories that I hope someday could be the next big hit. I also think I might have ranting sessions where I vent my disapproval of certain things that are popular for some f*cking reason. This would also be a good time to let you know I have a huge a$$ Sailor's Mouth.

I tend to be very irritated by pairings, and prefer OC characters, with the potential reader insert if requested (Just another jealous fangirl that wants NightWing, Captain America and Loki Laufeyson, for myself))

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